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Well done to the winners today in the first ever VPL final series, it was the top 8 from each division playing Matchplay rules

Only one player from outside the top 4 won. Congratulations on all the players who played.

Thank you all for a top year

Click on the link below to view the Winners

VPL Final Series-Div-1-Results

VPL Final Series-Div-2-Results

VPL Final Series-Div-3-Results

VPL Final Series-Div-4-Results

VPL Final Series-Div-5-Results

VPL Final Series-Div-6-Results

For the very first time the VPL Metro is having a Final Series. The top 8 from each Division will host their own Finals.

Each Division will play Matchplay, must win by 2 legs

Division 1 & 2, first to 5, if 6 all then sudden death leg applies (toss and bull rule)

Division 3 & 4, first to 4, if 5 all then sudden death leg applies (toss and bull rule)

Division 5 & 6, first to 3, if 4 all then sudden death leg applies (toss and bull rule)



MUST READ…… There are a few players unable to attend the Final Series so 9th has been promoted to play,

If you are unable to play in the Finals please let us know asap so we can arrange for the next player to play

Just click the Div to view Final line up

VPL Final Series-Division-1

VPL Final Series-Div-2

VPL Final Series-Div-3

VPL Final Series-Div-4

VPL Final Series-Div-5

VPL Final Series-Div-6

We will see you on the 14th August 10am Start at Melton Darts Club

Round 5 pre round write up
Division 1
Pick 1
Steve Bartlett vs Warrick Roberts.
With Warrick seating on top at the moment and Steve sitting equal Second Steve will be wanting the win in this one.Will be a cracker of a game.
Pick 2
Aaron Donoghue vs Chris Wheeler.
Both sitting equal Second both after the win this will be worth watching and can Aaron get the win.
Division 2
Pick 1
Anthony Wilkes vs Keith McIlvena.
Anthony has be showing he is capable of throwing some good darts lately will he have what it takes to get the win over Keith.
Pick 2
Barry Sherriffs vs Matthew Storer.
Matthew has been hitting the board and its really starting to show.Will Mat hold on and knock Barry off.will be a good match.
Division 3
Pick 1
Steph Gascoigne vs Veni Rowe.
With Veni comfortable on top can Steph produce some good darts which she is capable of and take the win over Veni who has been on her game.
Pick 2
Chloe Helmuth vs Suzanne Beals.
This will be hard to pick with both throwing some reasonable darts in last couple rounds.Will be a intersting match to see who takes the win.
That is my picks this round and good luck to all players.May you all throw straight and have a great day.
Round 2 pre match write up
Div 1
Pick 1
Steve Bartlett vs Aaron Donoghue
With Aaron smashing a 12 darter last round and sitting in 1st after round 1 can Steve keep up the great darts ti take the win over Aaron. Steve is currently sitting second this will be one game to watch.
Pick 2
Chris Wheeler vs Connor Beecher
Chris currently sitting 3rd after round 1 slipping abit from last season and Connor throwing quality darts in local comps Chris will need to be on his game to hold on for the win.
Div 2
Pick 1
Barry Sherriffs vs Aaron Matthews
With Barry playing in Melbourne with some quality players and Aaron all ready proving he can throw great darts after round 1 these two  should put on a show to watch.
Pick 2
Keith Mcilenva vs Dean Sherson
Keith currently sitting in 1 after round 1  and Dean also being on his game this should go all the way to the wire.
Div 3
Pick 1
Steph Gascoigne vs Veni Rowe
Steph only started vplg this season and all ready proving she can throw great darts in round 1 can she make a upset here.Veni will need to keep up her good form here.
Pick 2
Battle of the juniors
Megan Gash vs Ash Radford
Megan is throwing some top quality darts for her second season of darts and upseting afew in local comps.Can young Ash who has been on his game lately stop megan from take this game.
Good luck to all

In the above Menu click Registration and enter your name for a great season of darts

Registration is $20 per player and $20 per round.

To all Metro players if the Final series go ahead it will be the Top 8 players from each Division playing in their own finals and

playing a AFL style finals series, but to do this we are asking that you pay $25 per round and the extra $5 goes towards the final series only

This can be voted on the 31st January 2016.

We also ask all monies to to paid by Round 3

Dress code Neat Shoes/Runners Collared Shirts Black Slacks No Demin or Cargo Pants no Shorts

Dates Metro Venue
31st January VPL Knock-Out MDDA
14th February VPL Rnd 1 Melton
13th March VPL Rnd 2 GDC
17th April VPL Rnd 3 MDDA
29th May VPL Rnd 4 GDC
19th June VPL Rnd 5 MDDA
17th July VPL Rnd 6 GDC
14th August Final Series Melton
TBA Presentation TBA


Dates North-East Venue
31st January VPLC Knock-Out TNC
14th February VPLC Rnd 1 TNC
20th March VPLC Rnd 2 TNC
17th April VPLC Rnd 3 TBA
15th May Mixed Doubles TNC
19th June VPLC Rnd 4 TNC
17th July VPLC Rnd 5 TNC
14th August VPLC Rnd 6 TNC
18th September VPLC Knock-Out TNC
TBA Presentation TNC

Metro Round 6

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Firstly we would like to say well done to all the players that shown up round after round, some of these players were not even in the top 4 and just shows you it’s not all about the money, if we all played for the money no one would shown up.

Next well done to Tic Bridge on reaching 200 X 180’s in 5 seasons, some would be happy to hit 1 lol

To all the venues thank you very much for hosting us and to the entire bar and kitchen staff thanks you very much as well

All pay outs will be this Sunday at MDDA so come down and watch some darts

So let’s begin with the final round

Div 7- Mark Robbins won this round by .07 over Stewart Carlin. Both players will share the shortest leg of 24 and Stewart had the best match avg of 16.33.

In the yearly it was Scott Neilson by 8 points over Mark Morath and a further 8 points behind was Mark Robbins.

Div 6- Mark Harse goes back to back round wins, Jenni peg of 105 was the best and Mark and Matt had 21 legs.

Pressure was taking its toll on Matt Sciberras who lost his first 2 games of the day but hang on to win the yearly by 3 points over Jenni O’Reilly.

Div 5- Kerrin Sciberras lost this round by .5 of a point to Mark Lohrey, Mark had a blinder of a day winning all 5, had the best peg of 100 and a 17 dart leg also the best avg of 20.54 in one of his matches.

In the overall positions the top 5 was separated by 4 points. Very close this division.

Div 4- The Dragon has dominated the last 4 rounds, and takes the title also by 3 points.

Rowan hit a 17 darter had a 22.28 avg against Josh Bennett and Peter Butler pegged 126

Div 3- Alan Bloom by a mere .04 over John Cunningham to take this round, but the top 5 players in this round all had the chance to claim victory, as all lost a match so it came down to the avg.

Leigh Eltringham who beat Bloom lost to Cunningham 4-3 in his last match.

Cunningham hit a 16 dart leg and McAlpine pegged a nice 140 and Steve Brown had a 22.80 avg

Once again we had a runaway winner in this division. Positions 2nd and 3rd were decided on average.

Div 2- Dave Kennett wins all 6 rounds this year; there were 2 pegs of 115 by Britt and Lewin. Britt had the best match with a avg of 25.56, .05 better than Kennett.

4th position came down to the wire and had to be decided by the avg. Dave was a force above the rest and will be in Div 1 next year for sure.

Div 1- Eddy Sims takes this round over Lucas Cameron, some good stuff here with Lucas hitting 7 X 180’s Eddy with a 146 peg, and Eddy and Tic both with 14 darters.

In the yearly the top 2 dominated with second place a massive 20 points in front of 3rd.

Metro Round 5

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Round 5

Div 1- Eddy Sims romped it home as he won all 6 matches, hit 7 X 180’s and pegged 126 and smacked a 10 Darter on the bull in the 9th leg and that was against Steve Duke as the match sat at 4 all.

Overall Eddy has a comfortable 5 point lead. Lucas who is in 2nd spot has a 10 lead over Steve Duke

Div 2- Dave Kennett squeezed in by .18 to claim the honours over Ash Britt with both players winning all 6 matches.

Mick Ford had a 14 darter, Travis Dudley pegged 110 and Dave had 25.82 in one of his games.

Dave has a 6 point lead over 2nd position and Ash has a 5 point lead over 3rd

Div 3- With 2 players winning all their games it was Allan Bloom first and John Cunningham 2nd.

A nice peg of 124 by McMillan and 2 x 18 darters, one by Leigh Eltringham and the other by John Cunningham. Mick Bellette had the best match avg (21.49) for the round

In the yearly it’s all sew up with Daniel McMillan who has a 9 point lead. So the race is on for 2nd-4th with only 1 point in it.

Div 4- with Dean Wakeman winning all 6 matches he was still short of winning the round, Rowan Dodd beat him by .85. Josh Bennett had a 16 darter and Rowan had 23.30 in one of his games.

The final round will decide who rules in Div 4 with Peter Butler trailing by 2 points from Rowan Dodd.

Div 5- With Andrew Waters having the Quickest leg, highest Peg and best Avg for the day it was Jason Hooton who claims his maiden Round Win.

The final round will be a beauty with Jason Hooton and Gavin Pearse are separated by 1 point and fighting it out for 3rd and 4th with be Chris Chiang, Kerrin Sciberras and Mark Lohrey , good luck guys.

Div 6- Mark Harse stopped Matthew Sciberras going back to back by beating him by less than a point.

Ian Quarrell pegged a nice 132, Mark Harse and Cory Young both got 17 dart legs and Mark again had the best match with a 20.52.

Matthew holds a nice 6 point lead over Jenni O’Reilly and 3rd and 4th are both on 60 each

Div 7- The Moth Mark Morath does back to back rounds by the smallest of margins .0023. Richie Wilkinson snagged a 21 darter and the Moth with a 86 peg. Stewart Carlin had a 17.85 which was the best.

In the overall 4th-6th will do battle for 2 spots for the dosh, Scott Neilson hold a 6 point lead.


See you all at the Geelong Darts Club this Sunday for the final round.  And don’t forget to put your clocks forward 1 hour before you go to bed



Round 4 wrap up

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Round 4

Div 1- Lucas Cameron tops this round as he was the only one with 5 wins with Duke and Sims dropping one each, Sims lost to Duke and Duke lost to Bridge.

In Lucas’s game again Weber, Lucas avg 31.08 in which was by far the best.

Two games that when the distance was Weber v Bridge, it was Weber 5-4, Tic pegged 167 in the 6th leg to get it back to 3 all, but Weber won 2 of the last 3.

Matches of the Day

The tussle of the round Coburn takes the first then Ballinger takes the next 3 legs, Coburn then Ballinger. Coburn takes the 7th and pegs an 116 in the 8th and then a 14 darter in the 9th for a 5-4 win

In the yearly it’s Eddy by 3 over Lucas followed by Duke and Ballinger

Div 2- With Lewin, Browne and Clark with 5 wins each it was Kennett who takes out the round, winning 4 matches for the day, and it was his superior avg that got him top spot.

Dave also had a 13 darter and a 100 peg.

Matches of the Day

Dave Kennett is 2 legs up on Ant Lewin, then the next 5 legs go with the throw and Kennett hold a 4-3 lead after losing the 7th. The last 2 legs also go to Lewin in 20 and 16 darts for a 5-4 win.

In another match the first 5 legs go against the walk and its Bradbury with a 3-2 lead, finally a win with the walk see Neal go out 4-2, but Daron Clark wins the last 3 legs for a 5-4 win.

In the yearly it’s Kennett with a 5 point lead over Britt followed by Lewin 4 points adrift.

Div 3- Eddie Szuszkiewicz takes out everything on offer, best match avg 23.02, peg of 120, winning the round but had to share the fastest game (17) with Daniel McVeigh.

It came down to the last match of the day with Maricevic and Szuszkiewicz both undefeated.

Matches of the Day

1ST Leg goes against the throw with Denis taking it out on Tops, Eddie win the 2nd also on tops against the walk. The next 5 legs go with the throw with Eddie (23.02) beating Denis (21.10) 4-3.

In the yearly its McMillan with a 4 point lead over Maricevic and 3rd is 10 points behind.

Div 4- With back to back round it’s the Dragon (Dodd) again winning by a massive 2 points on the win/avg points.

Rowan Dodd smashed a 26.76 avg in his first match and this set his day up nicely. Rowan also had a 15 darter.

Matches of the Day

There were 2 matches going the distance, Dodd loses the first 2 legs to Wakeman but finds his range with a 23 darter and then a 21 darter finishing on 77.

Dean takes the 5th and with the Dragon breathing fire he wins the next 2 legs for the 4-3 win

In another seesaw match David Stocks is 1 up but Josh Bennett takes the next 2, Stocks takes the 4th and Bennett the 5th. Stocks reel off a 22 and then a 24 darter for a 4-3 win.

In the yearly its Rowan on top by avg over Peter Butler, they both are on 46 points each and Dean Wakeman is 6 points behind

Div 5- Chris Chiang wins back to back rounds, winning all his matches. It came down to the last match with Mark Lohrey who was also undefeated. Jordon had the highest peg of 100 and the fastest leg of 18.

Matches of the Day

Chris was doing it very easy cruising to a 3 nil lead but Mark hit back winning the next 2 legs. Chris wasn’t going down without a fight and won the 6th in 23 darts for the match and the round winner.

In another tight match Jordon Russell wins the 1st then Jason Hooton winning the next 2 legs, Jordon takes the 4th and 5th. Hooton takes the 6th with Hooton on 20 Jordon pegs double 9 for victory.

Mark Lohrey is 1 point behind Chiang in the yearly; Mark is 6 points ahead of both Jason Hooton and Gavin Pearse.

Div 6- Matthew (The Renovator) Sciberras wins his maiden round by 1.38 points. Matt won all 5 games on offer. 1 in 4 games went the whole 7 legs so i will pick 2

Matches of the Day

Jenni O’Reilly wins the first leg and Ben Doherty wins the next 3 and in a bizarre twist Jenni wins the last 3 for a 4-3 win.

In another match as same as above Rohan wins first leg Ian win next 3, Rohan wins last 3 legs.

Jenni had a 19 darter and Michael Condemi pegged 104.

In the yearly it’s Jenni with a 2 point lead over Matt Sciberras then Cory is 2 points behind.

Div 7- Finally someone has broken Scott Neilson hold in this Division. Mark Morath losing 1 match this round and Scott winning all 5, it was Mark who had a 22.10 avg against Margie Lee and this set him up to be the winner of the round.

Di hind pegged 107 and Mark had an 18 darter, Kassie and Mark Robbins hit 180.

Matches of the Day

In a match Scott beat Richie (3-2) but every leg when against the throw and in a great comeback Glenn Thornton was 2 nil down to Di Hind but won the last 3 legs for a 3-2 win.

Overall its one way traffic with Scott holding a 7 point lead over Morath, he holds a 7 point lead over Mark Robbins.

The next 2 rounds, 5 and 6 are back to back Sundays, Round 5 at Melton on 27TH September and Round 6 on the 4th October at Geelong.

Round 4 Metro

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Round 4 is @ MDDA in Dandenong, starts 10am please be there by 9:30am and remember all money to be paid in full.

Below is my matches of the round and there is a few beauties with top of the table clashes in each Division.

Div 1- Bridge v Sims, Weber v Duke, Ballinger (3) v Cameron (2)

Div 2- Britt (2) v Kennett (1), Lewin (3) v Ford (4), Browne v Kingston

Div 3- McMillan v Steve Brown, Maricevic v Szuszkiewicz, Bloom (4) v Cunningham (3)

Div 4- Dodd (2) v Wakeman (3), Butler v Bennett, A Sims v Earp

Div 5- Pearse (1) v Chiang (2), Hooton v Mohr, Sciberras v Russell

Div 6- O’Reilly (2) v Sciberras (4), Mardesich v Arrowsmith, Bellalmo v Condemi

Div 7- Morath (2) v Neilson (1), Lee v Surplice, Stevens v Harvey

See you all there

Round 5 VPLG

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My 2 picks for round 5
Division 1
Pick 1
Chris Wheeler vs Warrick Roberts
This should be a great match with both throwing really well chris will need to be on his game.
Pick 2
John lay vs Aaron Donoghue
With both in top four spots this will be hard to pick .
Division 2
Gary (killer) Beals vs Barry Sherriffs
Gary found some very good form last round making division 2 very tight now in top 4.can killer come back and do it again this round.
Pick 2
Ned Cotton vs Dean Sherson
Ned had a good last round can Dean come out and knock him off this round. Going to be good to watch.
Division 3
Tim Wilcans vs Nathan Walker
With both top to will be a great match up.Will young nathan stand up and take the win after good results in Bairnsdale District Darts Association singles Comp.
Chloe Helmuth vs Nathan Davis
Chloe has been throwing really good darts in last couple rounds and might just knock Nathan off for a win.

Good luck to all and doors will open at 9.30am for a 9.45 start. See you all there.

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