Round 4

Div 1- Lucas Cameron tops this round as he was the only one with 5 wins with Duke and Sims dropping one each, Sims lost to Duke and Duke lost to Bridge.

In Lucas’s game again Weber, Lucas avg 31.08 in which was by far the best.

Two games that when the distance was Weber v Bridge, it was Weber 5-4, Tic pegged 167 in the 6th leg to get it back to 3 all, but Weber won 2 of the last 3.

Matches of the Day

The tussle of the round Coburn takes the first then Ballinger takes the next 3 legs, Coburn then Ballinger. Coburn takes the 7th and pegs an 116 in the 8th and then a 14 darter in the 9th for a 5-4 win

In the yearly it’s Eddy by 3 over Lucas followed by Duke and Ballinger

Div 2- With Lewin, Browne and Clark with 5 wins each it was Kennett who takes out the round, winning 4 matches for the day, and it was his superior avg that got him top spot.

Dave also had a 13 darter and a 100 peg.

Matches of the Day

Dave Kennett is 2 legs up on Ant Lewin, then the next 5 legs go with the throw and Kennett hold a 4-3 lead after losing the 7th. The last 2 legs also go to Lewin in 20 and 16 darts for a 5-4 win.

In another match the first 5 legs go against the walk and its Bradbury with a 3-2 lead, finally a win with the walk see Neal go out 4-2, but Daron Clark wins the last 3 legs for a 5-4 win.

In the yearly it’s Kennett with a 5 point lead over Britt followed by Lewin 4 points adrift.

Div 3- Eddie Szuszkiewicz takes out everything on offer, best match avg 23.02, peg of 120, winning the round but had to share the fastest game (17) with Daniel McVeigh.

It came down to the last match of the day with Maricevic and Szuszkiewicz both undefeated.

Matches of the Day

1ST Leg goes against the throw with Denis taking it out on Tops, Eddie win the 2nd also on tops against the walk. The next 5 legs go with the throw with Eddie (23.02) beating Denis (21.10) 4-3.

In the yearly its McMillan with a 4 point lead over Maricevic and 3rd is 10 points behind.

Div 4- With back to back round it’s the Dragon (Dodd) again winning by a massive 2 points on the win/avg points.

Rowan Dodd smashed a 26.76 avg in his first match and this set his day up nicely. Rowan also had a 15 darter.

Matches of the Day

There were 2 matches going the distance, Dodd loses the first 2 legs to Wakeman but finds his range with a 23 darter and then a 21 darter finishing on 77.

Dean takes the 5th and with the Dragon breathing fire he wins the next 2 legs for the 4-3 win

In another seesaw match David Stocks is 1 up but Josh Bennett takes the next 2, Stocks takes the 4th and Bennett the 5th. Stocks reel off a 22 and then a 24 darter for a 4-3 win.

In the yearly its Rowan on top by avg over Peter Butler, they both are on 46 points each and Dean Wakeman is 6 points behind

Div 5- Chris Chiang wins back to back rounds, winning all his matches. It came down to the last match with Mark Lohrey who was also undefeated. Jordon had the highest peg of 100 and the fastest leg of 18.

Matches of the Day

Chris was doing it very easy cruising to a 3 nil lead but Mark hit back winning the next 2 legs. Chris wasn’t going down without a fight and won the 6th in 23 darts for the match and the round winner.

In another tight match Jordon Russell wins the 1st then Jason Hooton winning the next 2 legs, Jordon takes the 4th and 5th. Hooton takes the 6th with Hooton on 20 Jordon pegs double 9 for victory.

Mark Lohrey is 1 point behind Chiang in the yearly; Mark is 6 points ahead of both Jason Hooton and Gavin Pearse.

Div 6- Matthew (The Renovator) Sciberras wins his maiden round by 1.38 points. Matt won all 5 games on offer. 1 in 4 games went the whole 7 legs so i will pick 2

Matches of the Day

Jenni O’Reilly wins the first leg and Ben Doherty wins the next 3 and in a bizarre twist Jenni wins the last 3 for a 4-3 win.

In another match as same as above Rohan wins first leg Ian win next 3, Rohan wins last 3 legs.

Jenni had a 19 darter and Michael Condemi pegged 104.

In the yearly it’s Jenni with a 2 point lead over Matt Sciberras then Cory is 2 points behind.

Div 7- Finally someone has broken Scott Neilson hold in this Division. Mark Morath losing 1 match this round and Scott winning all 5, it was Mark who had a 22.10 avg against Margie Lee and this set him up to be the winner of the round.

Di hind pegged 107 and Mark had an 18 darter, Kassie and Mark Robbins hit 180.

Matches of the Day

In a match Scott beat Richie (3-2) but every leg when against the throw and in a great comeback Glenn Thornton was 2 nil down to Di Hind but won the last 3 legs for a 3-2 win.

Overall its one way traffic with Scott holding a 7 point lead over Morath, he holds a 7 point lead over Mark Robbins.

The next 2 rounds, 5 and 6 are back to back Sundays, Round 5 at Melton on 27TH September and Round 6 on the 4th October at Geelong.