Firstly we would like to say well done to all the players that shown up round after round, some of these players were not even in the top 4 and just shows you it’s not all about the money, if we all played for the money no one would shown up.

Next well done to Tic Bridge on reaching 200 X 180’s in 5 seasons, some would be happy to hit 1 lol

To all the venues thank you very much for hosting us and to the entire bar and kitchen staff thanks you very much as well

All pay outs will be this Sunday at MDDA so come down and watch some darts

So let’s begin with the final round

Div 7- Mark Robbins won this round by .07 over Stewart Carlin. Both players will share the shortest leg of 24 and Stewart had the best match avg of 16.33.

In the yearly it was Scott Neilson by 8 points over Mark Morath and a further 8 points behind was Mark Robbins.

Div 6- Mark Harse goes back to back round wins, Jenni peg of 105 was the best and Mark and Matt had 21 legs.

Pressure was taking its toll on Matt Sciberras who lost his first 2 games of the day but hang on to win the yearly by 3 points over Jenni O’Reilly.

Div 5- Kerrin Sciberras lost this round by .5 of a point to Mark Lohrey, Mark had a blinder of a day winning all 5, had the best peg of 100 and a 17 dart leg also the best avg of 20.54 in one of his matches.

In the overall positions the top 5 was separated by 4 points. Very close this division.

Div 4- The Dragon has dominated the last 4 rounds, and takes the title also by 3 points.

Rowan hit a 17 darter had a 22.28 avg against Josh Bennett and Peter Butler pegged 126

Div 3- Alan Bloom by a mere .04 over John Cunningham to take this round, but the top 5 players in this round all had the chance to claim victory, as all lost a match so it came down to the avg.

Leigh Eltringham who beat Bloom lost to Cunningham 4-3 in his last match.

Cunningham hit a 16 dart leg and McAlpine pegged a nice 140 and Steve Brown had a 22.80 avg

Once again we had a runaway winner in this division. Positions 2nd and 3rd were decided on average.

Div 2- Dave Kennett wins all 6 rounds this year; there were 2 pegs of 115 by Britt and Lewin. Britt had the best match with a avg of 25.56, .05 better than Kennett.

4th position came down to the wire and had to be decided by the avg. Dave was a force above the rest and will be in Div 1 next year for sure.

Div 1- Eddy Sims takes this round over Lucas Cameron, some good stuff here with Lucas hitting 7 X 180’s Eddy with a 146 peg, and Eddy and Tic both with 14 darters.

In the yearly the top 2 dominated with second place a massive 20 points in front of 3rd.