Round 5 pre round write up
Division 1
Pick 1
Steve Bartlett vs Warrick Roberts.
With Warrick seating on top at the moment and Steve sitting equal Second Steve will be wanting the win in this one.Will be a cracker of a game.
Pick 2
Aaron Donoghue vs Chris Wheeler.
Both sitting equal Second both after the win this will be worth watching and can Aaron get the win.
Division 2
Pick 1
Anthony Wilkes vs Keith McIlvena.
Anthony has be showing he is capable of throwing some good darts lately will he have what it takes to get the win over Keith.
Pick 2
Barry Sherriffs vs Matthew Storer.
Matthew has been hitting the board and its really starting to show.Will Mat hold on and knock Barry off.will be a good match.
Division 3
Pick 1
Steph Gascoigne vs Veni Rowe.
With Veni comfortable on top can Steph produce some good darts which she is capable of and take the win over Veni who has been on her game.
Pick 2
Chloe Helmuth vs Suzanne Beals.
This will be hard to pick with both throwing some reasonable darts in last couple rounds.Will be a intersting match to see who takes the win.
That is my picks this round and good luck to all players.May you all throw straight and have a great day.